Approximately 14 days after your session we will get together at your home or office for your Ordering Session.  We will view your images and decide which items will best showcase your images.  I will bring albums, press printed books, prints, and other unique products, as well as tools like a tape measure and wall display guide to assist you in planning your wall arrangements and ordering the correct sizes.  It is during this meeting that you will make your selections and place your order.

There will be a  minimum of 20-25 professionally edited and finished images to choose from, depending on the length of your session.  After your or is placed approximately 5 web-ready images will be available on my blog and/or Facebook page, allowing you to share your images with friends and family.

After your order has been placed you may request a private online gallery for friends and relatives to view the images and place additional orders.  This gallery is private and only available to those with whom you choose to share your password.  This gallery will be live for 5 days only, and orders are due within a week.  If unusual circumstances occur that require additional time the gallery can be extended for one week for an additional $50.  All ordered images are archived indefinitely.  Unordered images are purged a month after the initial viewing date.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them.  Please call me at 770-330-5414.